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The land will break and the seas will rise, the wind wwill rage as it burns the skies.
Make your body go, trust me girl, I know.
The same reason y'all could love me is the same reason y'all condemn me. A man's measured by the way that he thinks
For those about to rock, set the clock. For those about to jump, I'm all pumped
Wildest man in the world and I have no fear. I'm the mean in the mean, the nightmare dream.
I go inside this light, I see new life unfold. Each second I burn brighter, your fire is going cold.
Flash up on the scene like a brown crusader. Blowing up screens like space invaders.
Hearts uninspired, trapped inside somebody's dream. Too close to the fire, yet cold and so numb with the pain.
Get ready for something, that you'll never know. You won't see it coming, but I promise you'll know.
Let the night, let the diamonds, shine in your eyes
I got you where I want you, your clock's run outta time.
I exploit you, still you love me. I tell you one and one makes three
Rollin' like thunder, always drwing a crowd. Every babe's gonna want a piece of me, yeah.
When I can spend a million before my private plane lands. Huh, living out your dreams.
I know less is more, but with you, the stupid never understand. Empty words you said so much without a plan.
Go check the scores again, I come out a perfect ten. They broke the mold when they made me.
You can't get away. I bring relief for sorrow and pain, you should have never tried to get in my face.
Try and figure out what my moves gonna be, come on over sucker, why don't you ask me?

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