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LyricsSong Title
'As I'm swimming through the stereo...'
'Choking on salt water, I'm not giving in...'
'Freeways just like veins without a heart.'
'I'm alive, and I don't need a witness...'
'The darker the secret, the harder you'll keep it.'
'You were the fighter, I was the kid against the world...'
'Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes that I am not there...'
'She likes the Beach Boys more than radio metal.'
'You said he's in a punk rock band, well baby punk rock's dead.'
'I think I'm running short on inspiration, she's running long on borrowed time.'
LyricsSong Title
'Somebody get this man to a hospital!'
'We were boxing, we were boxing the stars...'
'When it's late don't stop looking, when my eyes turn to glass...'
'This is the first verse, it's not very long but I'm ready to move on...'
'I know I'm not crazy, I just lost my will...'
'Big hearts, big hearts are for breaking.'
'Son you just might die, get you on that morphine, drip, drip...'
'I wake up to find that its a four aspirin morning and I dive in.'
'I thought I could leave you for a season, but things just got cold...'
Keep your eyes on the road, I'm the Glass Passenger...'

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