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QUIZ: Can you name the Legend of Zelda answers by letter?

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APrimary villian of A Link to the Past, later revealed to be Ganon.
BFloating skull-like enemy.
CBird. Dangerous when attacked.
DGraveyard keeper.
EFirst level of Legend of Zelda. Also known as Level 1.
FSpecial blade that divides Link.
GBoss in multiple games, including boss of the Deku Tree.
HWon in boss battles. Can be assembled.
ILocation of Stone Tower Temple.
JLarge fish in Zora's Domain.
KLand where Link's Awakening takes place.
LWeapon super effective against Ganon.
MA female Twili who travels with Link, sometimes as his shadow.
NFinal boss of Link's Awakening.
OLink's famous instrument.
PAnother name for Minish.
QLeader of Labrynna from Oracle of Ages.
RItem allowing Link to jump.
SWearer of Majora's Mask.
TCommon, spider-like enemy that enjoys jumping.
ULocation of Key Cavern in Link's Awakening.
VBoss of the Fire Temple.
WMain focus of Link's Awakening. Ballad also played in Majora's Mask.
XOne of four items needed to enter Tarm Ruins in Oracle of Seasons.
YFighter in Super Smash Bros Melee.
ZAquatic inhabitant of Hyrule.

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