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QUIZ: Can you name the right answers for these questions about molecular diagnostic tests?

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What are the 5 chemical principles in MLPA? MLPA? MLPA? MLPA? MLPA?
What can you detect with MLPA but not with FISH?
...with FISH?
...with FISH?
What are the 4 steps in a mass spectronomer?
...mass spectronomer?
...mass spectronomer?
...mass spectronomer?
What is the principle behind dHPLC?
Cyber Green is used for
What subtance is immobilized on the membrane in a Northern blot?
Western blot?
Southern blot?
Which DNA-fragment migrates the furthest in a capillary electrophoresis?
Three substances that can be conjugated to a secondary antibody for detection
...for detection
...for detection

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