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Can you name the answers to these The Hunger Games trivia questions?

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How many people live in District 12?
What is the butcher in District 12 called?
What is Katniss' hair colour?
What is Katniss' eye colour?
What's Katniss' skin tone?
When is Katniss' birthday?
What dish does Katniss think she's good at making?
What pets does Prim have?
What sibling(s) does Peeta have?
What was the last thing the Everdeen family ate before Peeta gave Katniss the bread?
And that burnt bread was of what kind?
What what the first thing Katniss shot after her father died?
Who tried to keep a pair of night vision glasses once, and got killed because of it?
How many slips held Katniss' name in The Reaping?
How many slips held Gale's name in The Reaping?
Who came to say good bye to Katniss after The Reaping? (in the order they came)
What is the Mockingjay pin made of?
What does Cinna look like?
What does Venia look like?
What does Flavius look like?
What does Octavia look like?
What pulls Katniss' and Peeta's chariot?
How long time does the tribute parade take?
How tall is the cornucopia?
What preceds the announcements the game makers do during the games?
What handicap does the male tribute from District 10 have?
Where did the tracker jackers sting Katniss?
What was Rue's district symbol?
What colours are the flowers Katniss put on Rue's dead body?
What does Katniss use to cover the taste of sleep syrup?
Where does Katniss shot Clove?
How many windows is there in the room where Katniss is healing after the game?
What is the first thing Katniss get to eat after the game?
Where do Katniss and Peeta go after the coronation?

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