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Which book has the record in beeing the most stolen book from the library?
What are people most scared of, spiders or death?
How many murders have an avarage 18 year old seen on TV?
What happends when you put a real pearl in vinegar?
Which animal kills most people in Africa?
Which book has been printed in more copies than the Bible?
What are you afraid of if you have dendrophobia?
After how many years are you a 'new' person?
How much time of your life does an average person spend at the toilet?
How many times per second does a quartz crystal vibrate in a digital watch?
How many diskettes are there in one Blu-Ray disc?
What does Oprah and Halle Barry have in common?
How many % of all computers get physically abused?
How many strawberries does a strawberry milkshake from McDonalds contain?
How many days is the record of getting from level 1 to level 70 in World of Warcraft?
What is Barbies real name?
Who is the owner to all swans in England?
Where does the only city where the inhabitants only speaks swedish lies?

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