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Forced Order
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Who is the princess?
Who is the queen?
What happened to their parents?
Where do they live?
What city is the kingdoms main trade partner?
Who is the princess engaged to?
Where does he come from?
How many siblings does he have?
What Disney couple from another movie attended the coronation?
Who is the man who sells ice for a living?
Who are his adoptive family?
Who is the reindeer?
Who is the snowman?
Who is the snow monster?
Where does the princess go to buy winter clothing?
What song is sung when they are getting ice from the lake?
What song does the princess sing to try and get her sister out of the room?
What song is sung when they open up the gates?
What song is a duet with the princess and her fiancé?
What song does the queen sing after she runs away?
What song does the snowman sing?
What song is sung by one character as two characters?
What song ends with an attempt at marriage?
What tale is the movie loosely based on?

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