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Can you name the random Eragon facts?

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Who is Eragon's mother?
What colours does Saphira's egg have?
Who was the first owner of Zar'roc?
What was Durza called as a kid?
What was the name of Brom's dragon?
Which clan is Eragon a member of?
What is Eragon's world called?
How old is Eragon? (In the beginnin g of the book)
What was Eragon's aunt called?
On which island did the Riders live?
What was the name on the child that Eragon blessed?
What can you get from a feldûnost?
What is the name of the elf that Eragon is dueling with in Ellesméra?
What is the name of Islanzadí's bird?
Which colours does the stones in the belt that Eragon gets from Oromis have? Red, blue yellow and? (three more)
Who is the king of Surda?
Which colours does the mushroom that you get Tunivors nectar from have?
What does Du Súndavar Freohr means?
Why doesn't Eragon tell Durza his real name?
What are the names of the only living dragons?

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