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DescriptionWindSpelling Hint
A hot dry wind in South Africa that blows from the interior (***g)
An easterly wind in the Straits of Gibraltar. Strong and common in the summer. (L****t**)
Starts as a cold front moving down across France across the Alps, then down the Rhône valley(M****a*)
A lee wind that blows to the east of the Rockies in the United States. It takes its name from a local Indian tribe and means snow eater.(*hi****)
A sandstorm wind in northern Sudan and is most common in the afternoon or evening. From the Arabic Haab, meaning to blow. (H***b)
A summer wind, north-westerly, blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf. Normally decreases at night, is hot and dry and is known to whip up the sand(***ma*)
A very hot north-east wind in south-east Australia, that blows during the summer months and carrys dust and sand.(Br**kf****e*)
Cold air collects over former Yugoslavia, mainly during the winter, and spills over the high mountain passes. This north-easterly wind can reach speeds of 100mph(***a)
Gusty;A gusty south westerly wind in the Mediterranean. It is most common in winter. south-westerly Mediterranean wind most common in winter (*ib**c**)
Belts of light and variable winds in the subtropics at about 35° latitude(H**se* L*****des)
A dry cool northerly wind in the Mediterranean. (Tr*****a**)
A short-lived wind in the Arabic deserts, hot and oppressive, often causing the body to overheat because one cannot perspire quickly enough. It can appear as a whirlwind carrying d(Si****)
A very cold south westerly wind from the Andes that sweeps across the pampas of Argentina and Uruguay. It is often accompanied by storms and a severe drop in temperature. (*a*pe**)
A strong north-easterly wind that affects parts of the Soviet Union and central Asia. In winter it is often the harbinger of blizzards. (B***n)
DescriptionWindSpelling Hint
A dry and hot southerly wind in south-east Spain that heralds an advancing depression. (Lev****)
A very gusty, strong wind, that blows north easterly in southern Kurdistan. It is dry and warm in summer, but cold in winter. (R***ab*r)
Warm, humid air and low cloud arrives in Europe from North Africa(*ir****) or (**ir****)
In late autumn through the winter, as Atlantic depressions enter the western side of the Mediterranean, strong south-westerly winds blow in the straits of Gibraltar.(V****v****)
An English wind, strong, gusty and cold, that blows from the north east onto the western slopes of the Crossfell range in Cumbria. Particularly common in late winter and spring(***m)
Northerly wind blowing through central and eastern Mediterranean during the summer, brings cooler weather down across Greece and Turkey(E****a*) OR (M****m*)
Dry, warm lee wind that blows in the European Alps. Gains its warmth from the air being compressed as it descends down the lee slope of a mountain(**h*)
A strong wind mainly associated with the cool season in the south and central Mediterranean that blows from the northeast. (*reg***)
Dry, cool wind from the north-east or east in north-west Africa. Carries dust, on occasions sufficient to cause thick hazes, but has welcome coolness(H**ma****)
As the Sirocco moves across the sea it picks up a lot of moisture. It can blow into the south coast of France as this strong warm and wet wind. (*ar**)
A very strong summer wind from the north in eastern Iran, known as the 'wind of 120 days' as it lasts about four months. It can reach hurricane force and carries dust. (S*is***)
A name given by Australians to sudden changes of wind in the south and south-east of the country.(*out***** Bu****)
A hot, dry southerly wind that blows from the interior of Africa over Egypt and into the eastern Mediterranean. It is a dust laden wind which devastates crops(*ham***)

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