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Can you name the non common Spanish verbs?

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Forced Order
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To defeat
To suffer
To annoy/tire
To prevent
To swallow
To punish
To take care
To damage
To Apologize
To go to bed
To turn off
To add
To rest
To correct
To arrange
To suppose
To entertain
To turn out(to be)
To promise
To hunt
To measure
To burn
To turn /spin
To force
To crash
To move
To bother
To pull
To get paid / charge for
To bite
To shave
To treat
To fill up
To get used to it
To admit /accept
To push
To wake up
To hit /stick, glue
To stay
To be born
To fear
To fight
To go up
To pray
To complain
To develop
To sit
To sweep
To increase
To deny
To turn on
To Heat up
To empty
To Rent
To hide
To carry out/ realise
To mean / signify
To advise
To translate
To Hang
To hang (cloth) / lay out
To miss sth / not turn up at
To soak
To be frightened
To injure
To reduce
To reject
To lock up
To attend
To swear
To pretend / fake
To share
To mature
To guess/predict
To give back
To kiss
To fit
To matter
To grow
To dry
To keep
To weigh
To upset
To provide
To erase
To be silent
To ride
To doubt
To delay
To avoid / save
To repair
To put in
To lie
To deliver
To respect
To throw /pour
To Fullfill
To grab /hold
To shout
To belong
To rote
To bark
To enlarge / make bigger
To let/allow
To miss(somebody)
To recognize
To bake
To warn /notice
To include
To improve
To calm
To chew
To recycle
To stain /get dirty
To Take a shower
To propose
To clear
To walk
To act
To intent/ try
To loan /lend

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