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QUIZ: Given are quotes from FE9 characters – can you name who said them?

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Forced Order
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QuoteCharacterSaid in:
'My name is ___. By the orders of the king, I am the protector of this capital.'
'Your brother’s not the only one who could benefit from a shopping trip. We’ll go together, you and I.'
'Don’t even think I’m going to fall for that trick! It might work with the others, but I’m no doe-eyed fawn!'
'The king felt uneasy knowing you were here on your own. I come in his name.'
'Great Demon? Mutton chops, no! D-don't be silly! We all adored our sincere and devoted deputy commander. Great Demon. Pfff! More like Great...uh...Angel...Lady…'
'But alas! She is above my station! I can never have her, and yet… I cannot forget the past!'
'You think you can defeat me? The man who taught you how to fight? What a fool.'
'…The same? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m nothing like you. You kill for sport, and hide your fear behind a wall of bravado. Now let me show you true fear!'
'When I joined you, I acted on my own accord. For the first time. I chose what I thought was a righteous path.'
'...Move. One such as you cannot stop me.'
'You're horrible! You are all horrid people! You disgust me beyond words! And you owe ___ a proper apology.'
'I’m ___. I may not look like it, but I’m pretty much the most dangerous mage around.'
'Oh, Princess... Until world's end, do you we vow to follow! We are planets of your fair blazing sun!'
' the middle of that giant mess, you didn't give up, Boss. And I knew. That is how a true man lives! So now I have to follow you. You see?'
'I bear no guilt, but the badge of impurity is mine to wear.'
'Ha! You don’t have to ask me twice! I’ll put all of my culinary skills to work. I hope you’re hungry!'
'Some men can change, ___. Others cannot… I am of the latter type. There is no other reason.'
'I have not met the goddess. But if her laws make you unwanted, then I will have nothing to do with her.'
'No way. Forget that. It's too much for your little peewee brain.'
'Yet I stand before you as a representative of my people... From the depths of my heart I apologize to you... I am sorry... So truly sorry…'
'Because I've chosen to live among beorc, I've taken certain steps to make sure I'm not recognized. I've had to change my attire, my feeding habits...I've done many things.'
'By the time I realized my error, my wife and children had left me. Since then… I’ve been living alone in my great mansion, surrounded by countless medals and memories…'
'Lavish and free? Lavish, maybe…but certainly not free. I have no freedom.'
'Out of my way, penniless wretches! Your very existence is an insult to all that is beautiful! All you really want is my wealth and beauty!'
'Sure, I’ll take you on. But it’s going to hurt! When I fight, it’s with claws out.'
'To gain the trust of the king, we've become cruel and heartless.'
'Well, that's a relief. There's nothing more awkward than having to kill a friend because of his poor taste in employers, I tell you.'
'Very well. I am ___. But I ask that you call me that name instead of…hawk brother.'
QuoteCharacterSaid in:
'Although…it’s true that I once wanted to be a fighter, back when I was a frail child.'
'Well, ___. Here’s what I think. Folks always judge, and they’re usually wrong. That’s just how they are, you know?'
'Indeed. So give me some respect, you young pup. If you run into trouble in the future, come see me. I’ll give you the kind of advice that only an elder can give.'
'The fighting? Um...Wake me when it's done. Yaaaaawwnn...Zzzzzzz…'
'Don't say things like that! I'm shocked that you would understand such subtleties. Who are you, and what have you done with Ike?'
'From the day that I was born, the most grueling physical labor was as natural as breathing. I knew nothing else.'
'If it involves dealing with human scum, I'll pass. Forgoing my laguz pride is not something I'm willing to do.'
Listen, I was trying to increase the money I borrowed and pay off the original, but it, um...vanished. And I swear that just kept happening! I'd almost get enough and then...poof!
'You know, Ashnard wasn't such a bad king. At least, as far as we could see. If you were strong enough, you could rise up and become a knight one day.'
'A child? I’m not a child. Those days ended the instant I took my first life.'
'Give them...Give them a sound thrashing!'
'Such loyalty to a corpse...In truth, there is nothing in this world more humorous than a knight.'
'…Life proffered to me by your hand is something I would never accept!'
'I didn't really sell you! Besides, I planned on rescuing you right away. You were just impatient and flew away on your own, so--'
'I’m so happy! Oh, thank you so much… Um… Er… Ike? No, wait! Um… Bill? Lance? Sword guy?'
'Beauty, brains, and brawn... Sigh! The goddess has seen fit to put the abilities of three people into one delectable package.'
'Oh, I’m angry. I am very angry. Very angry indeed. Right now I’m weighing my options… Which penalty should I inflict on you for deserting the Begnion Holy Guard?'
'Fifty thousand.'
'Well, I ain’t really…a makeup kind of gal.'
'My sword may not even scratch you, but I don’t care. This one blow… will contain… all my anger…and all my pain…Rrrraaaaa! I’ll kill you!'
'Huh? This little guy really is the general? Bwa ha ha ha! Don't I look like the biggest fool around? And I mean big! Rrrrrrr! Sorry if I offended you, little guy!'
'The seeds of war have indeed been sewn across the continent. It appears your trials are just beginning, my gallant, young hero... May the goddess ride with you.'
'Bah! I hate adults like nothing else. All ego and pride… Kids live a more honorable existence.'
'It’s frightening to look at you! You had better start to smile more… or else!'
'Blast you! Curse your name! Curse the name of ___ and all who call him kin!'
'But I’ve never loved another woman. To this day, I think that I never shall.'
'I am ___, and my arrival marks your doom. Lament your fortune, dear children, for all hope is lost. You will not leave this place alive.'

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