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Can you name the missing words/phrases in these limericks from 2003?

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Today's music sure does stink
Nelly, Creed, and someone called Pink
Justin Timberlake
Made a career mistake
When he left that great band _____
Potatoes now make '_______ _____'
Somewhere in heaven, Orwell cries
Next thing we'll boast
'Independence Toast'
Croissants will be called 'Traitor Pies'
My new _________ can snap a pic!
And that's not it's only trick!
It runs out of power
After one mere hour
And then functions just like a brick
Affleck has asked J-Lo to wed
They're called _______ in tabloids I've read
I always supposed
That when he proposed
T'would be to form 'Bamon' instead
_ ____ _ ______ just released
Wheels spun, motors revved, gears were greased
The first film was equal
To this wretched sequel
I predict this franchise is deceased
_____ won the governor's race?
Get John Connor on the case
He'll reverse this crime
By going back in time
Stopping this vote from taking place
'_______ ____________' reads the banner
War's over in decisive manner!
When shove comes to push
I give mad props to Bush
Took just 40 days; what a planner!
__ _____ ____ was hard to swallow
Jesus wed. That part I follow
But the cryptologist
Never gets kissed?
That's the one part that rang hollow
There's a brand new plague called ____
It makes you puke and see stars
Your body will ache
Sounds like when I wake
Up after a night spent in bars
This new ______ Store is a crock
Ninety-nine cents? I'm in shock
How dumb can they be?
Pirated songs are free
I just sold all my Apple stock

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