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Do you do nothing?Correct.Doing nothing will only cause the bully to do more horrible things.
Should you tell someone you trust?Correct. This doesn't have to be a teacher, it can be anyone aslong as you trust them.
Should you try and laugh it off?Correct. By laughing at yourself, it shows them that what there doing isn't hurting you.
Should you yell at the bullies?Correct. Yelling at the bullies will only show them that what there doing is working, and that it is hurting you.
If your able to, should you fight back?Correct. Fighting back is a good way to get them to stop, it shows that your not messing around.
If your not able to, should you fight back?Correct. Not everyone is the same, if you can't fight then don't give them something else to laugh about by trying to fight.
Should you try and bully yourself?Correct. Bullying yourself will only prove that your as bad as the bully and will bring you down.

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