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Can you name the most outrageous urban legends by completing these sentences?

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urban legendsubject
In a scene of the movie _____ the ghostly image of a boy appears in a window
_____ is an effective spermicide
All US airlines offered free air travel on _____ 2002
The _____ brand of cigarettes is owned by the KKK
_____ , singer of 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', killed himself
Actor ____ had a gerbil removed from his rectum
The _____ virus was created by the CIA
Storing _____ in a refrigerator will improve their performance
Music legend _____ died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike
The _____ carried a cursed mummy in its hold
Singer _____ had a pair of ribs surgically removed to facilitate oral self-gratification
urban legendsubject
Chinese restaurants use _____ meat in their entrees
_____ live in the NY City sewer system
Eating _____ makes people especially sleepy
The modern image of _____ was created by the Coca Cola company
The title for the song '_____' was chosen because its initial letters form the acrostic LSD
Placing _____ in your car's hubcaps will fool police radar
A study has proved _____ has the lowest IQ of all US presidents
Ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate poses a significant cancer risk to _____ users
_____ manufacturers use asbestos in their products to promote bleeding
Actor-director _____ is the son of comic Stan Laurel

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