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Can you name the novels by their female characters?

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charactersbook titleauthor
Ada Clare, Esther Summerson, lady Dedlock
Emily Brent, Vera Claythorne, Ethel Rogers
Bridget, Jude, Shaz
Catherine Morland, Isabella Thorpe, Eleanor Tilney
Anne, Diana, Marilla
Lily Bart, aunt Julia, Bertha Dorset
Gertrude Morel, Clara Dawes, Miriam
Eleanor Vance, Theodora, Mrs Dudley
Norma Jean
Dolores and Charlotte Haze
Abagail Freemantle, Frances Goldsmith, Nadine Cross
Lucy Honeychurch, Charlotte Bartlett, Eleanor Lavish
Sarah Woodruff, Ernestina Freeman
charactersbook titleauthor
Olive Chancellor, Verena Tarrant
Clarissa, Sally
Alice, her sister, the Queen
Lux, Cecilia, Bonnie, Mary, Therese
Sookie, Arlene, Pam
Muriel, Sarah, Rose
Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, Myrtle Wilson
Andrea Sachs, Miranda Priestley, Emily Charlton
Rosemary, Minnie Castevet
Nicole Burnell, Dolores Driscoll
Scarlett O'Hara, Melanie Wilkes, aunt Pittypat
Susie and Abigail Salmon, Clarissa
Bella, Alice, Esmee

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