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hintsbit of trivia
The first draft was set in...
Cake used by Spengler to explain the situation in NY
This actor was constantly teased after the movie was released!
In a deleted scene Murray appears in the role of...
'Venkman burn in Hell' is a reference to...
The role of Winston was originally written for...
'Two wavy lines.' Is the card guessed right or wrong?
The librarian's uncle thought he was...
Who sued singer Ray Parker Jr for plagiarism?
in the library Venkman calls Stantz...
Who voiced Zull and Slimer?
Tully's guests at the party are...
Big mistake: Ray tells Gozer he's not a...
Number One Rule?
Who created the building on 55 Central Park West?
Instrument played by Dana Barrett
Where do the stairs go?
The last shot of the film shows...
Spengler's opinion on reading?
hintsbit of trivia
Somebody brought WHAT to a party?
'We came, we saw, we...'
Winston believes in everything if there's a...
'Slimer' is referred by Aykroyd on the set as...
They cook by themselves in Dana's kitchen
Sign of apocalypse: ___ ___ ___ living together
Tully: 'Who does your ___?'
Nationality of Gozer?
According to Dana dr Venkman looks more like a...
Maybe 'Do you want this body' is...
'Where are you from...'
On the table they are still standing
Who visits the mayor while ghb + Peck are in his office?
The role of Tully was originally written for...
Gozer's, huh, nickname
Budget for the film in US $
Does Ray believe in God?
What does Spengler collect?
The Gatekeeper and...

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