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Can you name the TV series by their fictional spin-offs?

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Fictional spin-off descriptionActual TV series
'William PsychoKineBoy': the world's most special baby is now a very special teen and the government is after him. Will he be able to trace his very special parents?
'Doll Therapy': the weird adventures of Grace, ex neurotic child and now a psychotherapist for toys
'Serial Bride': Allison is a medical doctor specialised in marrying terminally ill men, in the hope of helping them miraculously recover
'Heavenly Maude': a very religious man is helped through life by the ghost of his wife, who gives him advice about the perils of a too liberal and vicious society
'Bob and Son': a retired physician travels through the US with his flamboyant homosexual son and his boyfriend... and lots of muffins
'Him': an exceptionally hairy man finds out he's the secret son of a freak and is inheriting a gothic mansion, kept by a Frankenstein-type butler
'The DD Files': Sally, rebellious teen in the 70's, leaves home to go seek the truth about her father's mysterious past and real identity
Fictional spin-off descriptionActual TV series
'Bunny's Baby Boy': the misadventures of a grown man still living with his wealthy mother, whose overwhelming presence causes him impotence in bed
'Blind Jump': in this sci-fi epic, a spirit known as 'K' guards upon the inhabitants of a new planet, especially the man she's loved in her previous human life
'My Robot Friend': the awesome adventures of a cardboard robot with a human heart and his kid friend
'Metal Hearts': the saga of the Rodriguez family, whose patriarch is a tycoon of the iron metallurgy in the 4th millennium
'Jess' Anatomy': the troubled love story between a vampire girl and her shy human boyfriend, while strange anatomical changes occur in her body
'Sandi Style': from personal shopper in high school to professional fashion designer, the career of a young woman who's not afraid to trample on other people to achieve her goals
'Hard Hart': loyal butler Max investigates about the mysterious murder of his rich employers and eventually finds out... he's the one who killed them in trance, out of envy

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