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Can you name the cinema and TV personalities born in 1975?

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blonde heavenly creature and Oscar winner
little girl lost, now actress and producer
from the hospital to Garden State
Ukrainian beauty and sci-fi muse
daughter of Italian cult director, ex bad girl
from lost highways to Sienna
big lips, big ego, lots of children
redhaired secretary in the 60s
recovering from hangover
fab beauty but what a monster!
French Oscar winner
3 times chasing after Mary-Jane
actor and brother of more famous Ben
Brit beau involved with shopaholics
tiny Latina housewife
from Lebowski to pies
Are you there, vodka? It's me...
Brit controversial funnyman
Brazilian actor
Indian girl who bended it like mr Posh
Wilson still misses her
director of cult movie involving a plane engine
son of admiral Adama... but only in real life
Indian actress bullied on Big Brother

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