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Which book was Sirius Black first mentioned in?
How does Harry first hear of him?
What is Sirius Black's middle name?
What is Sirius Black's nickname other than Padfoot?
What is Sirius Black's mother's name?
Who did Sirius inherit his money from?
What was the first present Sirius ever gave to Harry?
What was Sirius' unique mode of transportaion when he was younger?
What adjective did Sirius use to describe himself to James in his fifth year that provoked James to torture Snape?
What bone of Ron's does Sirius accidentally break in Prisoner of Azkaban?
Who is Sirius' animal accomplice in Prisoner of Azkaban?
What Christmas carol does Sirius sing in Harry's fifth year?
What present does Sirius give Harry for Christmas in his fourth year? (Just the name of the object, one word)
Who was Sirius' favorite cousin?
What was the last present that Sirius ever gave to Harry?
Who is Sirius' first cousin by marriage?
How old is Sirius when he dies?
Who put Sirius in Azkaban without giving him a trial?
How old was Sirius when he became an animagus?
What color are Sirius' eyes? (Books)

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