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It takes a village to create a hero
As far as he'll run, he'll always come back
It was never all about the books
A true chaser, through and through
His coal black eyes are always warm
Fought and loved until she crumpled to the floor
He didn't have a real soul to split
Only as good as his other half
Not quite as his pure as his blood
Mistakes don't have to define a man
One word can ruin a life
A smile will forever play upon his lips
I'd do anything, for you dear, anything
She saw past his scar
He'll always be laughing beyond the veil
She was never simply a stern look
Didn't realize he was more than the full moon
It wasn't just because they couldn't find an empty compartment
Would a Hogwarts letter have been enough?
Will do anything to uncover her version of the truth
Even the best can't always be constantly vigilant
Basked in other people's glory, didn't have any himself
An elf who was born to wear clothes
It's the thought that counts
She's as cruel as she is inflated
Just as fragile as a swan
He could have declined sharing the cup
Not the typical housewife
Sometimes a wink and a smile doesn't cut it
More loyal to her son than her master
Best part of having big feet is stepping on ants
When the time came, he deserved to hold gryffindor's sword
Missed the spotlight by 'that much'

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