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Can you name the which events occurred in the book and which occurred in the show?

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EventBook or Show?
Melisandre pays the Brotherhood Without Banners to give her Gendry.
The Brotherhood Without Banners realize who Arya is when the Hound recognizes her.
A mysterious figure called Coldhands guides Sam and Gilly to the Wall.
The Hound forces Sansa to sing him a song before he flees the capital.
Davos helps Edric Storm escape Dragonstone.
The Tyrells plot to wed Sansa to their son Willas.
After they flee Winterfell, Bran and Rickon are found by Jojen and Meera Reed.
Theon is partial to a **** named Ros.
Robb marries a Volantene nurse.
Jaqen H'ghar kills the Tickler and Amory Lorch at Arya's instruction.
EventBook or Show?
Two Frey boys go to be Catelyn's fosterlings at Winterfell.
Theon Greyjoy executes Ser Rodrik Cassel
Arya helps Roose Bolton's men to take over Harrenhal.
Tyrion uses a chain across Blackwater Bay to trap Stannis's fleet.
Joffrey teaches Margaery how to use a crossbow.
Daenerys' handmaiden Doreah betrays her in Qarth.
Daenerys' hair is all burned off by Drogo's funeral pyre.
The Warlocks of Qarth steal Daenerys' dragons.
The Brotherhood without Banners visits the Ghost of High Heart to hear her prophetic dreams.
Sansa refuses to kneel for Tyrion to wrap her in her bridal cloak.

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