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Can you guess the famous names in these songs and movies?

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R____ H___: Prince of Thieves (1991 movie starring Kevin Costner)
Just Like J____ J____ (song by Cher)
Li_____ (2012 movie starring Daniel Day-Lewis)
B____ D____ Eyes (song by Kim Carnes)
E____ Has Left the Building (song and movie)
Bu___H____ (song by Weezer)
The D____ (1991 movie starring Val Kilmer)
Rock Me A______ (song by Falco)
Br__ W___ (song by Barenaked Ladies)
F___ (2002 movie with starring Salma Hayek)
Ta__ B___ (song by Baltimora)
When S_____ Sings (song by ABC)
Surviving P______ (1996 movie starring Anthony Hopkins)
R__ (2004 movie starring Jamie Foxx)
Su______'s Song (song by Crash Test Dummies)
J__ (1991 movie starring Kevin Costner)
Cl_______ (1963 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor)
Roll Over B_______ (song by Chuck Berry)
C_____ (2005 movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman
Who's Afraid of V_______ W____? (1966 movie starring Elizabeth Taylor)
S__________ in Love (1998 movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow)
V___ (song by Bananarama)
J____, Take the Wheel (song by Carrie Underwood)
To_ S_____ (song by Rush)
E____ (1996 movie starring Madonna)
Be My Yo__ O__ (song by Barenaked Ladies)

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