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What is the name of the lead singer?
What was the name of the James Bond themed song with which Duran Duran had a hit?
Which hit song means 'River' in Spanish?
Which member married the band's hairstylist?
Who almost died when his yatch capsized?
Which member is an avid photographer?
Which famous model was in the 'Notorious' video?
Who changed his last name after a brand of popular keyboards?
Who is married to one of the founders of 'Juicy Couture'?
Who married first wife, Giovanna, in Italy?
Which member never came back to reunite with the band?
Who is married to model Yasmin?
On which Indian Island were the videos of 'Hungry Like the Wolf' and 'Lonely in Your Nightmare' filmed?
Which city was the band formed in?
What other band did Simon, Nick and Roger form?
Who was once married to actress Amanda de Cadenet?
Which other band were Andy and John both a part of?
What was the name of their live album?
What is Duran Duran's highest ranking album?

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