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Can you name the heteronyms from the two descriptions??

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First DescriptionAnswerSecond Description
A small pointed missile that can be thrownTo move or thrust with sudden speed
A cylindrical drinking cupTo assault, usually with intent to rob
Things such as liquid and gas that are accidentally lost or admitted through a hole or crack in a container To intentionally disclose confidential information
A salty liquid that is produced when cryingTo pull apart by force
The wooly covering of a sheep or goatTo obtain a great deal of money from someone, typically by overcharging or swindling them
A device that produces currents of airA person who has a strong interest or admiration for a person or thing
A doll that is shaped like and is as large as a personA stupid person
Melancholic music of black American folk originA feeling of sadness or depression
A person awaiting or under medical care and treatmentBearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint
Containing little or no fatTo incline or bend from a vertical position
A large heavy mammal of America and EurasiaTo accept or endure
An area of open land, free of woods and buildingsA particular branch of study
A series of railroad cars moved as a unit by a locomotiveAn orderly succession
A slender usually pointed and headed fastener designed to be pounded inTo expose usually so as to discredit

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