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Can you name the Aphmau Mystreet Characters from S1 all the way to Season 3

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Main Character (MC)Female
MC's Other Half / Big Ship!!!Male
Best friends with MCMale
Old roommates with MC / Blue hair (Your Welcome)Female
Meif'wa, Other roommate of MC (Use ~)Female - Meif'wa
First friend of MCMale
Quit the Shadow Knights in high schoolMale - Beware of spelling
BFF with Laur /Prince charmingMale
Original CasaNova / BFF with TravMale
High school bully/ Leader of Shadow KnightsMale
Uses witchcraft and runs a shopFemale/ Witch
MC's Mom (NAME HER)Female
#Aar's Dad (NAME)Male
#Aar's Mom Female
#Aar's SisterFemale
Youngest Ro'Meave/ Brother of Za and GarMale
BFF with Kat/begins with NFemale
Laur Sister/ multiple coloured hairFemale
Close friend of MC in High SchoolFemale
The only girl in the Shadow KnightsFemale
Mother of Dan and Ge.Female
Has crush on Kaw. Works at Maid cafe.Male
Other high school bully. Had crush on GarFemale
Kat's brother/Used to have a crush on MCMale
Meif'wa. Pure evil.Female
Kat's Ex. Good Person. Has daughterMale
Jeff's Daughter. Made Trav and MC dress up as princessesFemale
Luci's Ex. No one likes him.Male
Friends with Ivy in Phoenix Drop High.Female (2 answers)
Kat and Kas's dad. Dating SylMale
Guide of Love Love Paradise. Another way of saying his genderMale
Mean high school Werewolf. Doesn't like AarMale/Werewolf
In the Shadow KnightsMale
Mrs Ro'meave. Mom of Gar, Zan, and VylFemale
Mr Ro'meave. Dad of Gar, Zan and VylMale
Prince of Candyland. Kaw has a massive crush on him.Male
Lifeguard at LoveLove Paradise. Dating GuyMale
Dan had a massive crush on her. Works as a hairdresser on LoveLove ParadiseFemale
Laur and Cad's baby brother. Looks like LaurMale
Works for Phoenix Property Brothers.Male (2 answers)
Teaches witchcraft. Luci's momFemale
Brother and roommate of Rees. BlueMale
Okay. Freebie. Its Kenmur. I got nothin'Male
Freebie. Emmalyn. Still got nothin'Female
The first one to live on Mystreet. His house blew up in the sleepover side storyMale.
Name the W.W.L.F 107 teacher!Male/Werewolf

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