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Can you name the Teen Wolf characters who said the following dialogue?

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Forced Order
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Don't be such a sour wolfSeason 1
Be your own anchor Season 3
I recommended nine foot tall rampaging werewolfSeason 5
Can she sense that I'm about to kill you?Season 3
I hate maths it's pointlessSeason 4
I fell in a holeSeason 5
I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone sarcasm is my only defenceSeason 2
Reclining your body in a horizontal positionSeason 1
Not all monsters do monstrous thingsSeason 4
Don't think about Allison being his dance. Or that her father is trying to kill you. Or that Derek's trying to kill you. Or the girl he killed, or that you might kill someone...Season 1
I do things that should be impossible, I'm sleep walking three miles into the middle of the woods and I'm pretty much convinced that I'm totally out of my freaking mindSeason 1
The plan is to save you. That's the plan I'm going withSeason 3
A true alpha is one who rises purely on the strength of characterSeason 3
If I had to grade you on how profoundly you disturb me you'd be an A+ studentSeason 4
It's ok. It's perfect. I'm in the arms of my first loveSeason 3
I just found out you're 900 years old. I don't think I can ever trust you againSeason 3
Can someone kill him again please?Season 3
I can beat you unconscious and wake you up when it's over?Season 3
We don't like youSeason 3
There's no such thing as werewolvesSeason 2
We just met and you bit meSeason 4
DeerSeason 4
Yeah, we were camping. It was MexicoSeason 4
I want you to be honest with me. Absolutely and completely honest. Have you been time travelling?Season 4
Don't remind me why I drink. Every nightSeason 3
Which is a way to say we have no idea why you can't remember running around the woods naked for two daysSeason 2
You are the most thoughtful, loving, most conniving little con artist ever you are so not getting the car tomorrow nightSeason 1
I might have been on watch lastSeason 3
If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season I would eat her. Then I'd leaveSeason 4
You're not no one. You're my best friend. I need you. Scott, you're my brotherSeason 3

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