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FormulaNameAlternative Name
Al 3+-
NH4 +-
As 3+-
As 5+-
Ba 2+-
Bi 3+-
Bi 5+-
Cd 2+-
Ca 2+-
Cr 2+-
Cr 3+-
Co 2+-
Co 3+-
Cu +cuprous
Cu 2+cupric
H +-
H3O +-
Fe 2+ferrous
Fe 3+ferric
Pb 2+plumbous
Pb 4+plumbic
Li +-
Mg 2+-
Mn 2+-
Mn 4+-
Hg2 2+mercurous
Hg 2+mercuric
FormulaNameAlternative Name
Ni 2+-
K +-
Ag +-
Na +-
Sr 2+-
Sn 2+stannous
Sn 4+stannic
Zn 2+-
Br --
BrO -bromate(I)
BrO2 -bromate(III)
BrO3 -bromate(V)
BrO4 -bromate(VII)
CO3 2--
ClO -chlorate(I)
ClO2 -chlorate(III)
ClO3 -chlorate(V)
ClO4 -chlorate(VII)
Cl --
CrO4 2--
CN --
Cr2O7 2--
H2PO4 --
C2H3O2 -acetate
F --
H --
HCO3 -bicarbonate
FormulaNameAlternative Name
HC2O4 -binoxalate
HPO4 2--
HSO4 -bisulfate
HS -bisulfide
HSO3 -bisulfite
OH --
IO -iodate(I)
IO2 -iodate(III)
IO3 -iodate(V)
IO4 -iodate(VII)
I --
MnO4 -manganate(VII)
NO3 --
N 3--
NO2 --
C2O4 2-ethandioate
O 2--
O2 2--
PO4 3--
P 3--
PO3 3--
SO4 2--
S 2--
SO3 2--
S2O3 2--
SCN --

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