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QUIZ: 1) Name the current/former Royals players in the clues with letters missing from their names and 2) rearrange the missing letter groups from those answers to form another player name (the 'Hidden Royal'). **** see more info in 'How to Play' ****

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How to Play
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Clue # 1
Jorge O__a 
Bo Ja__son 
Yamil Benit__ 
Lee __y 
Steve __sby 
Marty Patt__ 
Hidden Royal # 1: 
Clue # 2
Gil Me__e 
Pat __lly 
Kurt B__acqua 
Greg __lland 
Jason V__gas 
Mike Hed__nd 
Hidden Royal # 2: 
Clue # 3
Vin Mazz__o 
Elmer __sens 
Nelson Bril__ 
Danny Valen__a 
Luis __icea 
Mike Ja__s 
Hidden Royal # 3: 
Clue # 4
Bill Bu__ner 
Mark __udzielanek 
David Ris__ 
Richie Sch__blum 
Gregg __un 
Hidden Royal # 4: 
Clue # 5
Mark Da__s 
Bob McC__re 
Jamie Qu__k 
Emilio Boni__cio 
U.L. Washi__ton 
Hidden Royal # 5: 
Clue # 6
Dick Dra__ 
Ken Har__y 
Dave Fle__g 
Jamey W__ght 
Blake __in 
Hidden Royal # 6: 
Clue # 7
Amos Ot__ 
Ricky B__es 
Jon Nu__ally 
Pat Bor__rs 
David How__ 
Jimmy Gobb__ 
Hidden Royal # 7: 
Clue # 8
Juan Go__alez 
Mike Bo__icker 
Odalis P__ez 
Angel __rroa 
Denny Hock__ 
Jerry Don Glea__n 
Hidden Royal # 8: 
Clue # 9
Mark Qui__ 
Dee __own 
Denny __utista 
Willie Bloomqu__ 
Gaylord P__ry 
Buddy B__calana 
Hidden Royal # 9: 
Clue # 10
Brett T__ko 
Al Cow__s 
Tom Burgme__r 
Steve Fa__ 
Danny T__abull 
Hal M__ae 
Jeff Grote__ld 
Hidden Royal # 10: 
Clue # 11
Darryl Motl__ 
Miguel Asen__o 
Orber Mor__ 
Jeremy Jef__ess 
Don __aught 
Melvin __nch 
Rick __kiel 
Hidden Royal # 11: 
Clue # 12
Vada Pi__on 
Blake __od 
Shane H__ter 
Kila Ka'__hue 
Dennis We__ 
Gregg __fferies 
Brent May__ 
Billy But__r 
Gary Thu__an 
Hidden Royal # 12: 

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