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1) Name the current/former Royals players in the clues with letters missing from their names and 2) rearrange the missing letter groups from those answers to form another player name (the 'Hidden Royal'). **** see more info in 'How to Play' ****

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How to Play
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Clue # 1
Rusty Mea__am 
Ted __wer 
Kevin Ap__er 
Miguel O__vo 
Scott El__ton 
Phil __att 
Tom Gor__n 
Terry Pendle__n 
Hidden Royal # 1: 
Clue # 2
Ed Kirkpa__ick 
Bob Shi__ey 
Lindy McD__iel 
Eric H__mer 
Shawn __mp 
Tim __cher 
Hidden Royal # 2: 
Clue # 3
Aurelio Montea__do 
Calvin Picker__ 
Jamie Wa__er 
Aaron C__w 
Jonathan Sanch__ 
Liam Hen__ks 
Tom Good__n 
Hidden Royal # 3: 
Clue # 4
Bob H__elin 
Harmon Killeb__w 
Doug __rd 
David De__sus 
Johnny __avotella 
Rod __ers 
Hidden Royal # 4: 
Clue # 5
Ruben __tay 
Danny Du__y 
Benito Sa__iago 
Dean Pal__r 
Steve __ltz 
Greg P__or 
Johnny Da__n 
Hidden Royal # 5: 
Clue # 6
Billy Br__er 
Bucky D__ 
Juan Carlos Ovie__ 
Mark Gub__a 
Horacio Ra__rez 
Nori Ao__ 
Joe Keo__h 
Hidden Royal # 6: 
Clue # 7
Chad Du__in 
Chris Sty__s 
Joey __thright 
Chris __tz 
Bob Oliv__ 
Hidden Royal # 7: 
Clue # 8
Vince Col__an 
Roger Ne__on 
Yuniesky __ancourt 
Tony Sola__a 
Jay __tasick 
Bob Bo__e 
Hidden Royal # 8: 
Clue # 9
Jose Gu__len 
Dennis Paep__ 
Dennys Rey__ 
Storm D__is 
Keith __ller 
Hidden Royal # 9: 
Clue # 10
Jeff K__g 
Hal Mo__is 
Jason __ndall 
Melky Cabr__ 
Luis Si__erio 
Bruce C__n 
Hidden Royal # 10: 
Clue # 11
Jeff Fran__eur 
Octavio Do__l 
Bud B__ck 
Brandon Du__worth 
Bill __cota 
Hidden Royal # 11: 
Clue # 12
Darrell M__ 
Esteban Germ__ 
Mike Mag__nte 
Ken __ett 
Mendy Lo__z 
Hidden Royal # 12: 

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