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1) Name the current/former Royals players in the clues with letters missing from their names and 2) rearrange the missing letter groups from those answers to form another player name (the 'Hidden Royal'). **** see more info in 'How to Play' ****

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How to Play
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Clue # 1
John Bu__ 
Lonnie Sm__ 
Bret Saber__gen 
Willie Ai__ns 
Bip Robe__s 
Ross G__ad 
Hidden Royal # 1: 
Clue # 2
Joe Vi__ello 
Greg __gne 
Mike MacDou__l 
George Br__t 
Dan Quisenber__ 
Hidden Royal # 2: 
Clue # 3
Mark Hui__ann 
Joe Z__b 
Scott Lei__ 
Andy S__co 
Brian Mc__e 
Jim Ei__reich 
Kelly Sti__ett 
Hidden Royal # 3: 
Clue # 4
Aaron G__el 
Wade Dav__ 
Hideo __mo 
Craig P__uette 
Vida B__e 
Hidden Royal # 4: 
Clue # 5
Clint Hur__e 
Chris Gwy__ 
Sean B__ry 
Alex Gor__n 
Mitch Ma__r 
Juan __muel 
Hidden Royal # 5: 
Clue # 6
Jeff Supp__ 
Jeremy Guth__e 
Terrence L__g 
Kurt __llwell 
Dan Rei__ert 
Tim __lins 
Hidden Royal # 6: 
Clue # 7
Ryan Fr__l 
Michael Tuc__r 
Kyle Farn__orth 
Jeff D'A__co 
Chris Ha__ 
Hidden Royal # 7: 
Clue # 8
Kevin K__lofski 
Juan Beren__r 
Hubie B__oks 
Craig Chambe__ain 
Terry Shum__rt 
Lorenzo __in 
Hidden Royal # 8: 
Clue # 9
Scott P__sednik 
D.J. Ca__asco 
Kris Wil__ 
Cookie Ro__s 
Jermaine __e 
Hidden Royal # 9: 
Clue # 10
Ryan __kvich 
Mac __zuki 
James S__elds 
Matt S__irs 
Mark R__l 
Paul Ba__ 
John Hab__n 
Hidden Royal # 10: 
Clue # 11
Wally Joy__r 
Ted Abe__athy 
Joe Ma__ 
Salvador Per__ 
Bob Me__in 
Reggie S__ers 
Mark Tea__n 
Jason La__e 
Hidden Royal # 11: 
Clue # 12
Kevin McR__nolds 
Jose Ros__o 
Jeff Re__ulet 
John Wa__an 
Jason Grim__ey 
Hidden Royal # 12: 

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