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Can you name the players that have hit 35+ HR in a season for a team that they played less than 350 career games with?

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Players currently with a team are excluded until their length of stay is completed.
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YearPlayerHR (team)
201440 HR (Orioles)
201235 HR (Twins)
201137 HR (Orioles)
201038 HR (Nationals)
200938 HR (Nationals)
200936 HR (Red Sox)
200646 HR (Nationals)
200639 HR (A's)
200638 HR (Blue Jays)
200537 HR (Diamondbacks)
200536 HR (Rangers)
200437 HR (Rockies)
200436 HR (Yankees)
200339 HR (Braves)
200336 HR (Rockies)
200135 HR (Indians)
200041 HR (Blue Jays)
200036 HR (Angels)
YearPlayerHR (team)
199945 HR (Reds)
199937 HR (Orioles)
199935 HR (A's)
199850 HR (Padres)
199849 HR (White Sox)
199846 HR (Blue Jays)
199844 HR (Braves)
199636 HR (Expos)
199535 HR (Royals)
198735 HR (Cardinals)
197948 HR (Cubs)
197737 HR (Angels)
197343 HR (Braves)
197237 HR (White Sox)
196835 HR (Red Sox)
196342 HR (Red Sox)
194835 HR (Reds)
192939 HR (Cubs)

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