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Can you pick which organization (A, B, or C) each player signed with (later in their career) but never played a major league game for? ***Type the letter (A, B, or C) for your answer***

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Player (yr. signed)Team (A, B, or C)Choices
Manny Ramirez (2014)A) Orioles, B) Braves, C) Cubs
Miguel Tejada (2014)A) Marlins, B) Blue Jays, C) Indians
Carlos Pena (2014)A) Orioles, B) Mariners, C) Angels
Chone Figgins (2013)A) Diamondbacks, B) Marlins, C) Padres
Vladimir Guerrero (2012)A) White Sox, B) Blue Jays, C) Tigers
Garrett Atkins (2011)A) Pirates, B) Red Sox, C) Padres
Mike Cameron (2011)A) Blue Jays, B) Braves, C) Nationals
Carlos Delgado (2010)A) Red Sox, B) Angels, C) Giants
Brian Giles (2010)A) Orioles, B) Dodgers, C) Reds
Bret Boone (2008)A) Nationals, B) Orioles, C) Cardinals
Juan Gonzalez (2006)A) Red Sox, B) Blue Jays, C) Brewers
Richard Hidalgo (2006)A) Royals, B) Rockies, C) Orioles
Roberto Alomar (2005)A) A's, B) Devil Rays, C) Braves
Andres Galarraga (2004)A) Mets, B) Royals, C) Red Sox
Jose Canseco (2002)A) Giants, B) Expos, C) Mariners
Player (yr. signed)Team (A, B, or C)Choices
Johan Santana (2014)A) Orioles, B) White Sox, C) Reds
Mark Mulder (2014)A) Red Sox, B) Braves, C) Angels
Randy Wolf (2014)A) Mariners, B) Blue Jays, C) Giants
Tommy Hanson (2014)A) Tigers, B) Rangers, C) Cardinals
Carlos Zambrano (2013)A) Dodgers, B) Phillies, C) Indians
Josh Johnson (2013)A) Padres, B) Rockies, C) White Sox
Chris R. Young (2013)A) Orioles, B) Braves, C) Nationals
Rich Harden (2012)A) Twins, B) Rays, C) Phillies
Kevin Millwood (2011)A) A's, B) Yankees, C) Marlins
Brandon Webb (2011)A) Rangers, B) Royals, C) Nationals
Dontrelle Willis (2010, 2014)A) Red Sox, B) Mets, C) Giants
Matt Clement (2008)A) Cardinals, B) Rockies, C) Indians
Mark Prior (2007)A) Twins, B) Padres, C) Blue Jays
Kevin Appier (2006)A) Tigers, B) Braves, C) Mariners
Hideo Nomo (2006)A) A's, B) Indians, C) White Sox

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