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1) Name the current/former Cardinal players in the clues with letters missing from their names and 2) rearrange the missing letter groups from those answers to form another player name (the 'Hidden Cardinal'). **** see more info in 'How to Play' ****

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How to Play
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Clue # 1
Bob Fo__ch 
Rene A__cha 
Matt __lliday 
Willie Mc__e 
Mike Bus__ 
Todd Bu__ 
Hidden Cardinal # 1: 
Clue # 2
Scott Sp__zio 
John __oltz 
Lance Ly__ 
Hobie Landr__ 
Curt F__od 
Hidden Cardinal # 2: 
Clue # 3
Rafael Fur__l 
Michael __cha 
Jose __menez 
Solly He__s 
Roger C__eno 
Pat Bo__ers 
Hidden Cardinal # 3: 
Clue # 4
Tito Landr__ 
Dave V__es 
Frank D__ino 
Red __oendienst 
Bill Do__ 
A.J. Pierzyn__i 
Hidden Cardinal # 4: 
Clue # 5
Tripp C__mer 
Chris Car__nter 
Ted Sim__ns 
Pat Hent__n 
Roger Bres__han 
Max La__er 
Hidden Cardinal # 5: 
Clue # 6
Joe Magr__e 
Brian Falken__g 
Mark Petk__sek 
Steve Kli__ 
Juan Ag__to 
Larry Hern__ 
Hidden Cardinal # 6: 
Clue # 7
Mike Mat__ny 
Dane I__g 
Bake McB__de 
Reggie Sa__ers 
Rich __dman 
Bryan Evers__rd 
Cody M__ay 
Hidden Cardinal # 7: 
Clue # 8
Matt __rris 
Tony Wom__k 
Milt Thomp__ 
Stan Mu__al 
Ron Ga__ 
So Tagu__ 
Danny __ckson 
Hidden Cardinal # 8: 
Clue # 9
Pedro Gu__rero 
Omar O__vares 
Brendan R__n 
Mike __hler 
Hector Lu__ 
Mike __felice 
Hidden Cardinal # 9: 
Clue # 10
Todd Wor__ll 
Orlando C__eda 
Jake We__brook 
Dustin Herma__on 
Bruce Su__er 
Tom __rr 
Jaime __cia 
Jim Edm__ds 
Hidden Cardinal # 10: 
Clue # 11
Anthony R__es 
John Frasca__re 
Mark E__is 
Harvey Ha__ix 
Vince Col__an 
Tim McCarv__ 
Sean Lo__ 
Hidden Cardinal # 11: 
Clue # 12
Luis A__cea 
Fernando __tis 
Jeff Supp__ 
Al __risich 
Eduardo Pe__ 
Troy Perci__l 
Hidden Cardinal # 12: 

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