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Can you pick which team (A, B, or C) each player was playing for when they achieved their best single-season HR total?

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PlayerTeam (A, B, or C)Choices
Alfonso SorianoA) Cubs, B) Yankees, C) Nationals
Adrian BeltreA) Dodgers, B) Mariners, C) Rangers
Jose CansecoA) A's, B) Rangers, C) Blue Jays
Jim ThomeA) White Sox, B) Indians, C) Phillies
Ellis BurksA) Rockies, B) Giants, C) Indians
Jason BayA) Red Sox, B) Pirates, C) Mets
Troy GlausA) Blue Jays, B) Diamondbacks, C) Angels
Rogers HornsbyA) Giants, B) Cardinals, C) Cubs
Gary SheffieldA) Dodgers, B) Marlins, C) Yankees
Andre DawsonA) Red Sox, B) Cubs, C) Expos
Ken Griffey Jr.A) White Sox, B) Reds, C) Mariners
Carlos BeltranA) Mets, B) Royals, C) Astros
Ruben SierraA) A's, B) Rangers, C) Yankees
Russell BranyanA) Brewers, B) Mariners, C) Indians
Vladimir GuerreroA) Expos, B) Rangers, C) Angels
Torii HunterA) Tigers, B) Angels, C) Twins
Adrian GonzalezA) Padres, B) Dodgers, C) Red Sox
George BellA) White Sox, B) Cubs, C) Blue Jays
Jimmie FoxxA) Red Sox, B) Athletics, C) Phillies
Raul IbanezA) Phillies, B) Mariners, C) Royals
Jermaine DyeA) Royals, B) A's, C) White Sox
Matt HollidayA) Rockies, B) A's, C) Cardinals
Mike LowellA) Red Sox, B) Marlins, C) Yankees
Richie SexsonA) Brewers, B) Mariners, C) Indians
Moises AlouA) Astros, B) Cubs, C) Expos
Tony ArmasA) A's, B) Angels, C) Red Sox
Reggie SandersA) Pirates, B) Reds, C) Diamondbacks
Alex RodriguezA) Yankees, B) Rangers, C) Mariners
Bret BooneA) Mariners, B) Braves, C) Reds
Matt WilliamsA) Giants, B) Diamondbacks, C) Indians
Eddie MurrayA) Dodgers, B) Orioles, C) Mets
Aubrey HuffA) Orioles, B) Giants, C) Devil Rays
Howard JohnsonA) Mets, B) Rockies, C) Tigers
Adam DunnA) Nationals, B) Reds, C) White Sox
Mike CameronA) Brewers, B) Mets, C) Mariners
Raul MondesiA) Yankees, B) Blue Jays, C) Dodgers
Frank RobinsonA) Orioles, B) Angels, C) Reds
Cliff FloydA) Expos, B) Mets, C) Marlins
Babe RuthA) Yankees, B) Braves, C) Red Sox
Greg VaughnA) Reds, B) Brewers, C) Padres

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