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1) Name the current/former Astros players in the clues with letters missing from their names and 2) rearrange the missing letter groups from those answers to form another player name (the 'Hidden Player'). **** see more info in 'How to Play' ****

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How to Play
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Clue # 1
Tony Sco__ 
Dan M__eli 
Eric A__hony 
Luis Gonza__z 
Dave V__es 
Bob __ce 
Hidden Player # 1: 
Clue # 2
LaTroy Hawk__s 
Tom Wi__haus 
Orlando Mi__er 
Roy O__alt 
Dwight Goo__n 
Mike Cos__ove 
Hidden Player # 2: 
Clue # 3
Leon Ro__rts 
Roger __deno 
Scott Feld__ 
Dave Bo__owski 
Phil P__tier 
Hidden Player # 3: 
Clue # 4
Tom Gor__n 
Tommy He__s 
Wandy __driguez 
Mark Me__con 
Josh Z__d 
Bob F__sch 
Jim __nkovits 
Hidden Player # 4: 
Clue # 5
Lance McC__lers 
Troy A__nir 
Andy __ttitte 
Frank DiP__ 
Al S__ngler 
Jerome Wil__ams 
Hidden Player # 5: 
Clue # 6
Alan __hby 
Jack Howe__ 
Dan Whe__er 
Jim Bea__amp 
Erik Be__rd 
Chris Bur__ 
Hidden Player # 6: 
Clue # 7
Walt B__d 
Tom Gri__in 
J.R. Rich__ 
J.R. Tow__s 
Jerry Mumph__ 
Gary Ma__wski 
Hidden Player # 7: 
Clue # 8
Frank LaCor__ 
Pat L__tach 
Billy __tcher 
Jason Mi__aels 
Davey Lo__s 
Xavier He__andez 
Hidden Player # 8: 
Clue # 9
Danny Dar__ 
Randy John__ 
John __berry 
Tim R__ding 
Jon Singl__on 
Hidden Player # 9: 
Clue # 10
Dave __ith 
Scott Line__ink 
J.R. Ho__e 
Gregg Z__n 
Dave Mag__an 
Hidden Player # 10: 
Clue # 11
Bill Dor__ 
Dave __lesh 
Phil Ga__er 
Matt __wns 
Bobby __reu 
Charlie Ker__ld 
Hidden Player # 11: 
Clue # 12
Brett __llace 
Jose __ibe 
Preston __lson 
Johnny Edwa__s 
Chris __lt 
Nate Co__ert 
Hidden Player # 12: 
Clue # 13
David Wea__ers 
Jose __zcaino 
Sid Fer__ndez 
Don L__sen 
Todd __nes 
Rafael L__destoy 
Curt Schi__ing 
Hidden Player # 13: 

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