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Can you name the hitters (since 1980) that got 0 hits with 8 or more AB in a game?

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0-8 (CF for PIT) on 7-17-2016Won NL MVP in 2013 (PIT)
0-8 (1B for BOS) on 4-10-2015Had career best 34 HR in 2016 (CLE)
0-8 (CF-LF for DET) on 8-10-2014Had career best 50 SB in 2010 (OAK)
0-8 (DH for TBR) on 9-20-2013Won AL ROY in 2013 (TBR)
0-8 (1B for SFG) on 7-8-2013Hit 18th-inning HR in longest ever postseason game in 2014 (SFG)
0-8 (LF for NYY) on 6-13-2013Had 3 30+ HR seasons for TOR
0-8 (DH for NYY) on 6-13-2013Had career best 42 HR in 2006 (CLE)
0-8 (RF for LAA) on 4-29-2013Won AL MVP in 2010 (TEX)
0-8 (DH for SEA) on 9-18-2012Hit 15 HR in 2012 as a DH and catcher (SEA)
0-8 (C for PIT) on 8-19-20127-year career includes stops in COL and PIT
0-8 (3B for STL) on 8-19-2012Won NLCS and WS MVP’s in 2011 (STL)
0-8 (DH-P for BAL) on 5-6-2012Career best 53 HR in 2013; threw 2 IP and earned win in listed game
0-8 (1B for BOS) on 5-6-2012Career best 40 HR in 2009 (SDP), No. 1 overall pick in 2000 draft (FLA)
0-9 (3B-LF for ATL) on 7-26-2011Had 4 seasons batting over .300 for ATL
0-8 (CF for BOS) on 7-17-2011Had 3 50+ SB seasons and career best 32 HR in 2011 (BOS)
0-8 (CF for CIN) on 5-25-2008Had a 24-32 (HR-SB) season in 2004 (CHC)
0-8 (C for NYM) on 7-7-2007Had career best 25 HR and .320 avg. in 2001 (LAD)
0-8 (2B for COL) on 8-15-2006Scored final run in Expos history in 2004
0-9 (RF for BOS) on 7-9-2006A 1st round DP in 1993 (BOS), had 3 20+ HR seasons for BOS
0-8 (C for BOS) on 7-9-2006Played entire 15-year career with BOS and caught 4 no-hitters
0-8 (1B for PHI) on 7-2-2004Had 600+ HR in 22-year career mainly with CLE
0-8 (CF for MON) on 4-24-2002Played entire 5-year career with MON
0-8 (1B for MIL) on 5-16-2000Spent most of 5-year career with MIL
0-8 (C for CLE) on 7-30-1998Won AL ROY in 1990 (CLE)
0-8 (2B for NYY) on 7-20-1998Won AL ROY in 1991 (MIN)
0-8 (CF for DET) on 7-20-1998Had career best 74 SB in 1997 (DET)
0-8 (SS for NYM) on 6-16-199518-year career included stops in LAD, NYM, HOU
0-8 (C for CLE) on 8-31-1993Won AL ROY in 1990 (CLE)
0-9 (1B for TEX) on 6-6-1991Had 3000+ hits and 500+ HR mostly with TEX and BAL
0-8 (1B for CAL) on 7-6-1990Had 100+ RBI in first 2 MLB seasons in 1986 and 1987 (CAL)
0-9 (SS for LAD) on 8-23-1989Won AL ROY in 1979 in his 4th year in majors (TOR)
0-8 (SS for MON) on 8-23-198913-year career included stops in SEA, BOS, MON
0-8 (LF for LAD) on 6-27-1989Won NL MVP and hit famous World Series HR in 1988 (LAD)
0-10 (CF for LAD) on 6-3-1989Played mostly with BAL and LAD, uncle of Josh Harrison
0-8 (CF for HOU) on 6-3-1989Had career best 65 SB in 1988 (HOU)
0-8 (PR-RF for LAD) on 6-3-1989Had 2 20+ HR seasons for OAK
0-8 (LF-1B for SDP) on 8-10-1988Had a .300 career avg. mostly with SDP and PHI
0-8 (2B for STL) on 5-14-1988A 1st round DP in 1986 (STL)
0-8 (1B for SFG) on 9-28-1986Had a .303 career avg. mostly with SFG and TEX
0-8 (2B for CHC) on 4-20-1986A HOF 2B/3B mostly with Cubs, won 1984 NL MVP (CHC)
0-8 (C-LF for STL) on 4-19-1986Spent majority of career as a catcher with OAK and DET
0-8 (CF for HOU) on 7-7-1985A 2nd round DP in 1979 (HOU)
0-8 (2B for PIT) on 6-21-1985Had a .290 career avg. with PIT and CAL
0-8 (SS for SFG) on 6-11-1985Spent 8 of 10 seasons with Giants
0-8 (CF for ATL) on 6-11-1985Won NL MVP in 1982 and 1983 (ATL)
0-9 (DH for CLE) on 4-27-1984Had 3 30+ HR seasons for CLE
0-8 (CF for CIN) on 6-21-1983Spent 8 of 9 seasons with Reds
0-8 (1B for MON) on 6-10-1983A seven-time all-star for PIT, TEX, MON
0-8 (SS for HOU) on 5-27-1983Had a 20-34 (HR-SB) season in 1983 (HOU)
0-8 (CF for HOU) on 5-27-1983Had career best 96 SB in 1980 (PIT)
0-8 (RF for OAK) on 5-23-1983Had 2 20+ HR seasons for OAK
0-8 (C for CHC) on 8-17-1982Had 2 20+ HR seasons for CHC
0-8 (1B for DET) on 6-9-1982Hit .277 for career with a career best of only 30 walks
0-8 (3B for SEA) on 4-11-1982The regular 3B for SEA in 1982
0-8 (DH for TOR) on 10-4-1980Had 30+ HR seasons for KCR and TOR
0-9 (2B for SDP) on 8-26-1980Spent entire 11-year career with Padres
0-8 (SS for SDP) on 8-21-1980A HOF shortstop, mostly with STL
0-8 (SS for PIT) on 7-6-1980No. 1 overall pick in 1968 draft (NYM)
0-9 (LF for CHC) on 7-6-1980Had career best 48 HR in 1979 (CHC)

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