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Can you name the trival things that happened to Felicity during season one?

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Do you know...AnswerTrivia
Felicity's pen pal
Felicity's high school crush
Felicity's hometown
The college Felicity's parents wanted her to attend
The college Felicity actutally attends
The career Felicity's parents want her to persue
The major that Felicity chooses for herself
Felicity's RA
Felicity's first roommate
Felicity worked part time at...
Felicity's boss
Do you know...AnswerTrivia
Felicity's study buddy
Felicity's BFF
The game they were playing when Felicity and Noel first kissed
What item was Felicity's roommate very protective over
What costume did Felicity wear to the Halloween party
Which of Felicity's friends get assulted
Todd Mulcahy visits Felicity. What happens to him?
Sean decides to make a movie about the gang called...
Felicity's friends wait in line for
On her last day in her room...what does she write on the closet wall
Felicity must choose who to spend summer vaca with. Who does she pick?

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