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Wrote of Odysseus and Athena, has two entries.
His poem depicting Prometheus and Pandora is said to mirror the human condition, has two entries.
She was the only woman canonized by the Ancient Greeks in their 'Nine Lyric Poets,' sadly, only fragments of her works survive.
The Father of Tragedy, he has four entries
Wrote 123 plays in his life, but only seven remain intact. His most famous character killed his father, then married his mother. There are seven entries by him.
He was the first to characterize mythological heroes as ordinary people. He has twelve entries.
The Father of Comedy, he has eight entries.
The Father of History, there is only one known work attributed to him. One entry.
His lone work describes the scientific aspects of the Peloponnesian War. One entry.
Wrote of an ancient city that was destroyed overnight by a wave of water, one entry. One entry.
Credited with being the worlds first scientist, he has two entries.
An eight time Lenaia Festival winner, this writers work was primarily lost in the Middle Ages, only one play remains mostly intact. One entry.
Wrote about morals and the lives of others, two entries.
Originally a slave from Samos, this person would go on to be known as 'The Sage of Lydia.' There is one entry.
A Roman Courtier under Nero, this person wrote only one piece, and committed suicide after being accused of Treason. One entry.
'I am a human being, nothing human is alien to me.' This person has three entries.
His one known work is comprised of six untitled books composed of Dactylic hexameter. One entry.
The Master of Latin Prose, he has one entry.
The leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus, he has three entries.
Unintentionally started the Latin Neoteric genre, one entry.
Acted as Dante's guide through Hell, three entries.
'Now stands my task accomplished, such a work as not the wrath of Jove, nor fire nor sword nor the devouring ages can destroy.' Three entries.
Forced to commit suicide after being accused of Treason, this writers brother makes an appearance in the Bible. One entry.
Author of the only Ancient Roman novel in Latin to survive entirely, one entry.
The Bishop of Hippo Regius, two entries.
Little is known about this author, other than he was a knight, a poet and that he wrote about the quest for the Holy Grail. There is one entry.
Created the character Lancelot, one entry
This is the oldest surviving long poem in Old English.

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