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Marlon Brando read this T.S. Elliot poem in the move 'Apocalypse Now.'
This was recited over a game of cards during 'Girl, Interrupted.'
In 'Hairspray,' Chick reads this book which has become associated with the Beat Generation.
T-Bird quoted this seventeenth century poem with his dying breath in the 1994 film, 'The Crow.'
In the 2008 movie 'Into the Wild,' this reincarnation of Confessional Poetry was used.
In 'Play Misty for Me,' the main antagonist recites this poem to Clint Eastwood over the phone.
In the 2003 biopic of Sylvia Plath, this introductory poem about a pilgrimage was read.
This poem, released in 1816 appeared in 'Citizen Kane.'
Walt Whitman made two appearances in 'the Notebook,' but the one I'm looking for is about himself and nature.

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