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Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Tracks & Troubles
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Buzzcuts & Beginnings
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Beach Bums & Bling
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Cap and Gown & Can't Be Found
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Fresh Starts & Farewells
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Dancers & Ditzes
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Rockers & Writers
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Trevor Jackson (Trent)Crybabies & Cologne
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Successes & Setbacks
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Austin & Alias
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Road Trips & Reunions
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Viral Videos & Very Bad Dancing
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Managers & Meatballs
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Deejays & Demos
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Austin & Jessie & Ally All-Star New Year
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Santas & Surprises
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Albums & Auditions
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Songwriting & Starfish
James Earl (Shiny Money) & Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Tickets & Trashbags
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Secrets & Songbooks
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Partners & Parachutes
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Austin & Jessie & Ally All-Star New Year
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)N/A
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Costumes & Courage
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Critics & Confidence
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson) & Calum Worthy (Dez Wade) & Raini Rodriguez (Trish De La Rosa)Glee Cubs & Glory
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Zaliens & Cloud Watchers
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Diners & Daters
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Mini-Me's & Muffin Baskets
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Mix-Ups & Mistletoes
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Records & Wrecking Balls
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Debby Ryan (Jessie Prescott)Austin & Jessie & Ally All-Star New Year
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Kangaroos & Chaos
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Everglades & Allygaters
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Chapters & Choice
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Beauties & Bullies
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) & Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Eggs & Extraterrestrials
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Rockers & Writers
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Ferris Wheels & Funky Breath
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson)Beach Clubs & BFFs
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Fresh Starts & Farewells
Raini Rodriguez (Trish De La Rosa)What Ifs & Where's Austin
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Comebacks & Crystal Balls
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Fanatics & Favors
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Videos & Villains
Laura Marano (Ally Dawson) & Cameron Jebo (Gavin Young)Hunks & Homecoming
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Magazines & Made-Up Stuff
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Future Sounds & Festival Songs
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Tunes & Trials
Ross Lynch (Austin Moon)Sports & Sprains

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