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Number of Griffin ChildrenEasy
Name of Griffin Family DogEasy
Oldest Griffin ChildEasy
Youngest Griffin ChildEasy
Griffin HometownEasy
Peter's Black FriendEasy
Peter's Paraplegic FriendEasy
Peter's Sexually Obsessed FriendEasy
One of Peter's BossesEasy
Peter's Workplace (Season 3 Onwards)Easy
Stewie's Teddy BearEasy
Quahog BarEasy
Jewish BusinessmanEasy
Lois' FatherEasy
Lois' MotherEasy
Peter's Religious ViewsEasy
Peter's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Brian's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Lois' Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Quagmire's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Cleveland's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Stewie's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Easy
Male NewsreaderEasy
Cleveland's First WifeEasy
Joe's WifeEasy
Spooner Street Resident PaedophileEasy
Quahog's Main DoctorEasy
Quahog's Movie NerdEasy
Asian ReporterEasy
Tom Tucker's SonEasy
Mayor of QuahogEasy
Owner of Pawtucket BreweryEasy
Brian's Replacement as Griffin DogEasy
First 'Road to...' EpisodeEasy
Quagmire's OccupationEasy
Brian's Fur ColourEasy
Brian's BreedEasy
Instrument Lois PlaysEasy
Meg's AgeEasy
Meg's Hat ColourEasy
Colours on Chris' HatEasy
Mort's SonEasy
Mort's WifeEasy
Joe's OccupationEasy
Second Star Wars ParodyEasy
Cleveland's Black Guy ReplacementEasy
Peter's MotherEasy
Family Guy CreatorEasy
Meg's Voice ActorEasy
Lois' Voice ActorEasy
Griffin AddressMedium
Peter's AgeMedium
Stewie's Full NameMedium
Most Popular Girl at High SchoolMedium
Peter's TV ChannelMedium
Peter's Favourite SongMedium
Drunken Clam OwnerMedium
Mort's BusinessMedium
Stewie's Catchphrase - 'What the...?'Medium
Brian's Stupid GirlfriendMedium
Peter's Mentally Challenged WorkmateMedium
Chris' Middle SchoolMedium
Chris' and Meg's High SchoolMedium
Lois' AuntMedium
Peter's StepfatherMedium
Peter's Real FatherMedium
Peter's Fowl NemesisMedium
Brian's AgeMedium
Peter's Football PositionMedium
Game Peter Plays on the XboxMedium
Joe's Character in 'It's A Trap'Medium
Carter's Character in 'It's A Trap'Medium
Brian's Gay CousinMedium
Stewie's Mentally Challenged CloneMedium
Brian's SonMedium
Lois' Maiden NameMedium
Meg's Biological FatherMedium
Season 9 Female NewreaderMedium
Joe and Bonnie's DaughterMedium
Joe's Dead SonMedium
Herbert's DogMedium
Wooden SailorMedium
Mort's NemesisMedium
BlaccuWeather ForecasterMedium
Heart Monitor Peter's Company SellsMedium
Quahog's Biggest Buzz KillMedium
Immigrant Worker at BreweryMedium
Chris' Attractive Middle School TeacherMedium
Quahog's Swing ClubMedium
Cleveland's ShopMedium
Number of Hairs on Stewie's HeadMedium
Instrument Stewie Follows Fat People WithMedium
Brian's Favourite Alcoholic DrinkMedium
Quagmire's Dad's Female NameMedium
Stewie's Hallowe'en Costume in Season 9Medium
Number of Episodes in Season 8Medium
Season 9 'Road to...' EpisodeMedium
Beer Drunk in Drunken ClamMedium
Peter's CountryMedium
Only Thing That Survives a Nuclear BlastMedium
Peter's Work DepartmentHard
Peter's Full NameHard
Stewie's Alter Ego For 'Jolly Farm Revue'Hard
Stewie's Half-Brother and NemesisHard
Peter's Dead SonHard
Episode Where Stewie Kills Peter's SpermHard
Brian's UniversityHard
Brian's Favourite Jazz MusicianHard
Brian's NovelHard
Brian and Stewie's Song About MarijuanaHard
Brian's BirthplaceHard
Griffin Family Dog Before BrianHard
Brian's MotherHard
Religion Peter FoundsHard
Jasper's HusbandHard
What Brian Eats to DieHard
Brian's FatherHard
Lois' PornoHard
Peter's GoldfishHard
Peter's Evil TwinHard
Cleveland's Younger BrotherHard
Peter's Male Nudist FriendHard
Satan's SuperiorHard
Portuguese Immigrant BrothersHard
Mr Weed's KillerHard
Cause of Ollie Williams Speech ProblemHard
Fouad's Character in 'Blue Harvest'Hard
Large-Toothed New Yorker WriterHard
Talking Cow From 'McStroke'Hard
Brian's Elderly Female FriendHard
Two Vaudeville PerformersHard
Geronimo Casino Restroom AttendantHard
Stewie's NightclubHard
Cartoon That Brian Has A Tattoo OfHard
Male Name Peter Gives MegHard
What Peter Sells in 'No Chris Left Behind'Hard
Episode in Which Meg is ToughHard
First Family Guy EpisodeHard
Original Family Guy Air DateHard
Episode Where Joe Enters the OlympicsHard
Season That 'Petarded' Appears InHard
1st Episode of Season 5Hard
Episode Where Peter Becomes JewishHard
Stewie's Ferengi CousinHard
Lois' Mother's Maiden NameHard
Lois' BrotherHard
Lois' SisterHard
Some Guy With a HatHard
Neo-Nazi PuppeteerHard
Optimus Prime's ReligionHard

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