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Know Your Bartram
The teacher in room 305 is...
What does the 'm' stand for in y=mx+b
If a line moves down as you move across a graph left to right, what kind of slope is it?
Who is the principal of the Freshman academy
What is Ms. Foster's Room number?
What type of car does Ms. Gentry drive
Sound travels in what?
What music group is Meek Millz part of?
What is it called when businesses compete to make money?
Who is in charge of discipline in the C wing?
What is Ms. Foster's home school?
A tsunami recently hit this country...
What located at (0,0) on a coordinate plane?
Know Your Bartram
Where did we go on our first field trip?
Where is Pirak from?
What is the date of Mr. Hostetter's birthday?
This country is ran by Qaddafi and currently at war...
Who is Mr. Hostetter's favorite rapper?
What is White and Black and READ all over?
Ms. Maloney is from this place?
What part of Philadelphia is Meek Millz from?
What is Ms. Gentry's favorite flower?
How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
When a volcanoes erupts, what shoots out?
Most of the fighting in World War I took place in...
The shifting of 'plates' underneath the earth's surface?

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