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A___s and Pains
CAmerican word for sweet
D'Fine and _____'
EA body part used to hear things
FA ___ of something, eg. claustrophobia
GStrong winds
HSmall pellets made of ice and snow
IA bit ____, doubtful of something
JIn a _____
KHow Will I ____ (a song by Whitney Houston)
LA song by Flo Rida, opposite of high
MBlue ____, Full ____, opposite of sun
OOn My ___ (a song in Les Miserables)
PAn item used to communicate with people
QIts Oh So _____ (a song by Bjork)
RA public act of violence by an unruly mob
SEg: square
TAn item used to hold things together
UTo feel the need to do something
VThe edge of something
W'I did it my ___'
XA form of electromagnetic radiation
YA sharp high-pitched cry
ZA fastening device, common on dresses and skirts

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