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M/V DescriptionAnswerMore info
Twerking, artist is sitting in a bananaPeople like her make-up for this video
Dancing in a warehouse I think, debut song말로해 말로
Group is dancing with fans and they rap/sing about their cultureMisheard lyric 'Hold that chicken down'
Lots of smoke, in a scene, a guy is writing the lyricsTwo members missing because they are underage
Maknae pours himself a bottle of wine then tips it out againAll members have different coloured hair, group name begins with B
Guys dancing in snow, a girl is cheating on all membersWrite the answer in its romanised name
School guys beat the new guy up.At least an 8 minute long video starring Naeun of APink
This MV is a bit like advertising cars. They are dancing in a dark roomFeatured in FineBros' YouTubers React to Kpop
Choi Minho is the Employee of the Week소녀시대
There are different scenes of the members dressed up as female characters in books and TV'I will kick you'
They are dancing in front of a car (again) and splashing water everywhereThey turn into angels with black wings
Stuck in a maze, can't get out!'someone call the doctor'
A guy betrays his friends and tricks them into being arrested by the police.The betrayer is a policeman himself working with the bad guys.
It was filmed in one shot and they all wear ties. One of the members drops their hat (in Korean version)'我 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 你'
One member lies/sits on the car (again) bonnet'I wanna rock your body'
The most popular member stands in front of a big digital clock'STOP! Let me show you something'
There is a poodle, a car (again!), and they are firing machine gunsBig pyramid
She pushes her ex into a swimming pool and looks proud of it'Woo boy!'
They all wear peacekeeper-like masks in the chorus'Catch me on fire'
Whole thing is animated'Fine living without you'
One member is wearing bright yellow shoes''
There is this girl who makes the boys turn into dustAwesome kicking dance move in the introduction
In the beginning, the leader is remixing tracksThere are cuts of the members' names (and blood types)
Maknae has a golden milkshake cup'The club is getting ugly, I don't care, can't nobody stop the fire, let them haters sit and stare'
A member kisses a big stuffed bearA member is 15 years old in this (it's not Zelo)
The rapper sits on silver hoop which is being liftedThey are dancing on chairs
There are constantly flashing lights and the scenes keep switching every 2 seconds (bad editing)Not the longer drama version
A girl is wearing a beanie and all members except one sit around her in hospital'Oh my girl, I cry cry, you're my all, say goodbye.'
M/V DescriptionAnswerMore info
The girl tries to leave but the lead singer pulls her back and puts her hand on his heartAn AoA member stars in this
The boys are walking though streets of Stockholm, SwedenIn the background is a high voice saying something that sounds like 'Ask me'
The boys have close ups of them in the beginning and the first dance moves are them shaking their hands in their pocketsFirst lines sound like Enjoy the mayo! (Chinese version)
The rapper is lying in the middle of the road looking at the ring that his girlfriend didnt want,She leaves him in the end.
They are walking through a street and as each boy comes into the video, they are splitting up with their girlfriend The rapper who has a low voice sings in this video
There is a fire and the lead singer goes into the building on fire'Nobody nobody nobody no one'
Has a kind of farmer/country feel'Get down, get down, ge ge ge ge get down'
The maknae walks into something, attracting attention from his crushSub-group of B.A.P
The rapper is acting as the selfish boyfriend who only thinks for himself MV initials: OLBT
A girl is about to cut her hair Ft. Supernova
Videos filmed by the artists themself'Do you?'
The leader explodes a building, the maknae is the news anchor, the oldest is the reporter, the rapper is the the fireman and the other is a dentist/doctor/someone like thatThey pronounce 'zoom' as 'choom' (that's because Korea doesn't have a z sound. They replace it with a j sound)
The maknae is dancing on a paper cut out of a moonThe leader has very high leopard-skin heels
The tallest member knocks her coffee over the computer but doesn't noticeThey are wearing their special numbers
'Black' versions of the girls created because of knocked over coffeeThe 3rd oldest who usually sings raps in this MV
Each member shows the boy doing sometimes good things for them (eg, wiping food from their lips, giving them candyfloss)Misheard lyric: '......on my chin'
The members stand behind a special screen which makes them look like they're inside a jewel'I'm in the trance'
They wear red clothesCold winter
The guy takes out an umbrella before it starts pouring with rainShe died, then he died
This guy taps a screen with the guys names on and they drop from the sky like they're some kinda video game characterMisheard lyric: 'I got that soup I love' or 'She want my suit pulled up'
The maknae is sitting on a stereoEnglish version (explicit), Korean version (clean)
Leader is naked and is in a steamy bath2nd oldest is wearing a big black hat
They have a cool, complicated-looking kicking kind of dance장난 아니에요.
Rapper is strumming electric guitar and they all look really pale with green eyesZombie feel
3rd oldest member looks up and makes some kind of duck faceLeader has trouble knocking on lover's door but just can't, eventually he does
Pranks ex by spraying sandwich to make it hard and hijacking his carGets the ex arrested by photoshopping photos
YG star greedily eats ice cream while Cube artist tells him offYG star does the classic Scooby-Doo creeping into the ice cream van
2nd oldest is holding a dove (?) while giving famous icy glareEnglish version and Korean version
M/V DescriptionAnswerMore info
Rapper is dancing on top of a car in the sunsetSummer holiday (I'm English, btw) feeling
Leader wears an orange top and they both dance on chairsSub-group
Rapper is harassing masked guy in a lift (elevator)Initials of MV: WH?
Member poisons a guy's drinkMembers wear high heels and really short shorts
Shots of all members screaming wherever they are (eg. Library, zebra crossing, during a fight)Song feautued in an AoA video
The drummer and pianist graffitis on the oldest member's ex's pictureSub-group
All members throw maknae up in the airSM Artists
Each member has a special powerEg. Flight, teleportation, resurrection, ice
All members dye hair blondeMaknae wears lots of eyeliner and curls hair
The members has defibrillators and tasers'E-e-e-.....'
Introduction is boys getting dressed putting hats on with music by Vivaldi'Off to bed with you'
Members shoot down to Earth in form of angels Band version and normal version
Members dress up like ship captains or something like thatAlternative name: G_n_e
Rapper wears a Viking-like hat studded with jewelsComments on YouTube say the girl is really ugly
In the beginning, someone is drawing lines on skin then cutting it like plastic surgeryThe girl is stabbing a ...... Doll and whatever she does to it, she does to the boys.
One member jumps right over two othersBig Hit Ent. artists
The guys are like video game charactersFeaturing Dasom of Sistar, misheard lyric 'shall we get you pregnant?'
One member pretends to be blind to watch a girl unchange (D:)The guys are in a prison
In the beginning, one member is writing a letterThere is a 'PJ' version (Dance version) and the normal MV
One member is wearing shorts and tightsI'm so curious
One member is in a maze and runs into a wall4 members lean back onto each other to make a kind of table with one guy in the middle
There is a scene which shows the evolution of humansHe is driving a motorbike.
The video is PROBABLY set in some kind of mental hospitalB_i_r_i_b_o_ B_ae_r_b_m
The leader is 'invisible' to the girl he is flirting with하지마
2 guys have to get to the door before the dawnThe MV is considered too violent so they released a dance version
Members are trying to get the diamond from the safeTitle is a simile
Oldest member owns a hair salonAoa

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