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What item is required to put out the fire in the cave on the Da Chao mountains?
Where is the independent materia, Luck Plus, found?
What is the name of Barret's wife?
What is the most expensive type of green?
What is the name of the huge cannon that destroys the barrier around the Northern Crater?
How many summons are there in the game?
What item is required to learn Aeris' final limit break, Great Gospel?
Where is the summon materia, Alexander, found?
Which of Cid's weapons can be found in the Shinra Headquarters?
How much gil does a mastered All materia sell for?
What summon is obtained by touching the blue giant materia in Bugenhagen's laboratory?
What is Yuffie's surname?
What item can be stolen from Goblins?
What command materia does Cait Sith have equipped when it joins your party?
What is the first boss battle encountered on disc 2?
Who does Yuffie fight on the fourth floor of the Wutai Pagoda?
What is the name of the pink aeroplane that belongs to Cid?
What enemy-skill can be learned from the Midgar Zolom?
What color is the chocobo in Chocobo Sage's house during your first visit?
What did the Ancients call the Northern Continent?
What is the name of Ruby Weapon's attack which blows a party member out of battle?
When betting on class A races at the Chocobo Racing, what pattern is on the back of the betting cards?
Which future character can be seen through one of the key-holes at the Honeybee Inn?
In which town can the magic materia, Contain, be found?
The Minerva Band can be stolen from who?
Which of Reno's attacks traps a party member and prevents from being active in battle?
What animal does President Rufus compare Heidegger's laugh to?
How much gil does Earth materia cost?
Which of Vincent's weapons can be found in Kalm?
What boss is fought immediately before Bizarro Sephiroth in the Northern Crater?
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