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Forced Order
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What is the name of boss that can be killed by decreasing its MP to 0?
What is the name of the ship - sailed by Blank - that allows you to freely travel the seas of Gaia?
What creature does Hilda Garde threaten to turn Cid into if he cheats on her again?
Queen Brahne dies after her fleet is attacked by which Eidolon?
Which boss hits itself if all of the party but Dagger have been KO’d?
Which of the four shrines do Zidane and Quina visit?
The entrance to Chocobo Lagoon lies on which island?
In an ATE in Evil Forest, which character struggles sleeping without his Princess Garnet Doll?
When taking part in the card tournament in Treno, who is secretly the Card Champion?
Which creature found in Burmecia allows Quina to learn the Angel’s Snack ability?
What item can be found in Kuja’s bedroom before leaving Desert Palace?
What is the name of the thirteenth Stellazio coin?
In Oeilvert, what item makes an Epitaph 'too soft to live'?
What is the name of the child in Alexandria who hides his cards in the steeple?
What black magic does the N-Kai armlet allow Vivi to learn?
When the gargant from Alexandria to Treno goes off course in Gargan Roo, where do the party end up?
How many Qu’s marshes are there in Gaia?
What is the name of Quina's trance ability?
Whilst looking for Dagger in Alexandria (CD3), what does Beatrix give Zidane to give to Dagger?
What item allows Eiko to learn the Eidolon, Madeen?
Where can the moogle, Kupo, be found?
What is the first creature available to fight in Treno’s weapon store?
What item do you receive for making 100 jumps in the skipping-rope minigame?
What do the Black Mages name the new-born chocobo in Black Mage Village?
What is the name of the moogle responsible for delivering mail to other moogles?
What is the only hat that all 8 party members can equip?
Where can Garudas and Grand Dragons be found?
What is the name of the waitress at the bar in Lindblum’s Industrial district?
What is the only ability Quina can learn from any of his forks?
What is the name of Dagger’s real mother?

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