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Took you in the vineyard, a couple hours after, I met you.
I don't wanna find my home, just wonderin' what happened to it, my hands are caught in stone.
When I started out, writing you this song, I was heels over head in love.
A part of you, left the room, I am left talking to the apple.
Is 'young' a word for 'dumb'? A word for 'fun'? We have the time of our lives, every night, like it's our job, to lose our minds.
All I do is lie, by the ocean side.
There was a hope when we found a bridge, of a place we'd never been.
I want a big celebration, the night we get back to town, and I hope you're all there.
She was acting pretty, thought she owned the city. Someone should've told her, that pretty ain't a job.
If I could ask for anything, I'd only want my girl.
You, you were right. I was wrong, like I always am, and you always are.

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