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'Mm, Florida. Just think somewhere in this state right now Jeb Bush is eating a live puppy.'
'Careful guys, even the slightest prick will pop these things. Giggedy.'
'Peter, I got a wax job and lets just say, you're cleared for landing!'
'Oh, my God, Jeremy's still in the trunk! How long has it been? Two weeks. Nope, he's dead.'
'Hey, baby. How would you like to go black, and then make a difficult decision regarding whether or not to go back?'
'Lois you know my rule, You are only allowed to sleep with three people besides me, Gene Simmons, John Schneider or Boba Fett.'
'Well, Peter, if you plan to pull a party out of your ass, you better stand up.'
'So is there any tread left on the tires or at this point would it be more like throwing a hot dog down a hallway?'
'Look! There's the broken condom that lead to my birth!'
'Oh, you people can kiss the fattest part of my ass.'
'The government is here! Run, E.T.! Run!'
'If I'm a child, that means you're a pedophile, and I'll be damned if I'm going to stand here and take this from a pervert.'
'Fine, but this time if a boy calls, please don't tell him I'm wrist deep in poopy.'
'I don't have to listen to you! You're a dog! You don't have a soul!'
'The hell it did. You get in there and you kick that fish's ass.'

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