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Luck loves me not tonight, I'm running out. This four leaf clover's all but useless now.
Should I write myself out of the history books, and mark a place in time for every chance you took?
Lights out, I still hear the rain. These images that fill my head, now keep my fingers from making mistakes.
I'm just a face for every picture, a smile for your scrapbooks, and a story to be told.
Time to lay claim to the evidence, fingerprints sold me out, but out footprints washed away from the docks downtown.
When the lights go up, I wanna watch the way you take the stage by storm.
Hips sway and lips lie, like clockwork, she's in control of all the right guys and I'm still waiting.
He woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes, started making his way past two in the morning, he hasn't been sober for days.
Caught in a cold sweat, stuck splitting hairs, and drinking too much, I'm on my way to striking out.
I've got a bone to pick with you, Mr DJ. The traffic and the sound is just as bad as it is in LA.
I'm falling in between, tearing up at the seams, we're just aiming to please, and aesthetics don't hurt one bit.
Manage me, I'm a mess. Turn a page, I'm a book, half unread.
Wide awake, my mistake, so predictable. You're a fake, I was great, nothing personal.
I fought it for a long time now, while drowning in a river of denial. I washed up, fixed up, picked up, all my broken things.
She works for the weekend, mixtape of her favourite bands.
3 PM, on my feet and staggering. Through misplaced words and a sinking feeling, I got carried away.
Oh my god, I'm such a terrible mess. I'm turned on by the tabloids, you would never have guessed.
This city, so pretty. Under moonlit skies, we'll be hanging like a cigarette.
Hey there, it's good to see you again. It never felt right calling this 'just friends'. I'm happy, if you're happy, with yourself.
I admit, I miss seeing your face, babe. And being alone is staring to take it's toll, I'm cold and it's getting old.
Are you having trouble finding sleep at night? Or does your lack of conscience tell you everything's alright?
I took a walk for the very first time, on the dark side of the dance floor. Lit a match just to heat things up, but I got more than I bargained for.
My ship went down, in a sea of sound. When I woke up alone, I had everything.
I've got a house in the back of my head, but I can't find a permanent resident.
Strange maze, what is this place? I hear voices over my shoulder, nothing's making sense at all.
She's got a target painted on her back, and keeps a list of the qualities a good girl lacks.

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