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Can you name the Anne Rice Vampires and books??

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The name of the Interviewed Vampire (Interview With The Vampire?Played by Brad Pitt in the movie
The name of the vampire who makes #1 a vampire?Played by Tom Cruise in the movie
The name of their vampire child, made when she was five years old?Played by Kirsten Dunst in the movie
The name of #1's desired one in the first part of the story?Only in the book
Wanted to be a vampire so she could have #3, ''a child who cannot die'The red headed vampire
The 'leader' of the Theatres Des Vampires of ParisPlayed by Antonio Banderas
Aaliyah played her in the movieAlso known as Akasha
Who made #2 According to the book, not the movie
#7's former king when they ruled over EgyptSlaughtered in the movie
#2 was played by this actor, after Tom CruiseAlso a character in Anne Rice's other books
The Tale of The ______ ThiefBook Four
Memnoch The _______Book Five
#2's motherAlso made into a vampire
WhatAnswerNeed a Hint?
An old vampire, and the maker of #6Looked after #7 & #9
What #7 & #9 are referred to when Marius is looking after themThose Who...
After defeating Akasha with her sister, she becomes the keeper of the sacred coreAccording to the BOOK
After defeating Akasha, she becomes the keeper of the sacred core and turns to stoneAccording to the FILM
First name of Mr. Talbot, member of the TalamascaBecomes a vampire in the fourth book
The name of the witch with whom #18 falls in love#1 turns her into a vampire for love of her. Also Book Seven
Has his own vampire book, though he never meets any characters from the other booksSees guardian angels and speaks with them
The name of the witch family from New Orleans#19, Mona and Rowan are among them
Blood and _____; the book in which we meet ThorneBook Eight
___________ FarmBook Nine. Also Tarquin / Quin's last name
______ CanticleLast book, in which #2 starts to speak in slang
 Come on, I can't make it TOO easy...

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